About us

Drive Me Baby is an online car and trend magazine for women founded by two Hungarian journalists Katalin Szebeni and Zsuzsa Bauer in April 2019. Drive Me Baby is the first and so far the only women’s car magazine in Hungary, which makes it a unique and niche contender in the local media scene.

“Our approach to the automobile theme is unique and has never been seen in Hungary. The easy and honest car reviews you find on our site are based on real life experiences of women, which proves that there is a whole different conversation to be had about cars than you might see elsewhere” – Katalin Szebeni, Editor-in-Chief.

“We try to give you car news, current car trends and demonstrate the amazing world of automobiles from the perspectives of being women and mothers. Our articles are written in a way, that is easy to understand and fun to read even for those, who are not familiar in the given topic” – Zsuzsa Bauer, Brand Manager.

However, Drive Me Baby has so much more to offer than just cars. Our readers can browse through a variety of topics ranging from travel and program guides to lifestyle tips and more. In other words, on our website you can find all the necessary material that will give you a boost for your daily adventures.



  • Car Reviews
  • News
  • Driving Tips & Tricks
  • Psyche, the mental and psychological side of driving
  • Women in the car industry, leading female figures and female racing drivers
  • Exclusive interviews with brand ambassadors and celebs
  • Her Car: featured cars of everyday women


  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Tech

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